My MSc Experience at the ICMA Centre

By Mohsin Parvez, MSc International Shipping and Finance student.

The goal of pursuing a master’s degree was to switch my profession from engineering to research. I feel extremely lucky as well as glad to write this blog about my experience here at the ICMA Centre which led me to achieve my dream job as a Research Analyst.

I still remember my first interview with Dr. George Alexandridis in June 2018, which was regarding the MSc International Shipping and Finance (ISF) scholarship where he asked me why I wanted to study this programme at the ICMA centre. I told him that I wanted to become a maritime market researcher but was unsure whether academic or business and studying at the ICMA Centre could help me decide which side I would lean towards. He probably liked my motivation for applying as I did get that scholarship!

Little did I know back then that ‘motivation’ is the most important element in any application, be it for a master’s programme, an internship or a full-time position. I was enlightened about it when I booked my appointment with Dan Kiernan and Stephanie Shaw, Careers Consultants from Henley Careers. I needed help to customise my CV and cover letter according to the roles I was applying for and both stressed on the point that everything revolves around my motivation for the job.

The best part of the ISF programme is the closeness to the maritime industry. This helped me a lot to find out which companies focus on research and to decide where I should apply. The masterclasses which were delivered by famous industry specialists allowed me to discover my personality and the type of role I am best suited for.


One of the best industry insights for me was by Miss Stavroula Betsakou who is a Freight Market Analyst for British Petroleum in London. I was inspired by her story of success and how she manages her professional life in such a fast-paced environment. She advised that an Analyst should be tech savvy and programming languages are the necessary skills to be added in the CV.

Coming to the ICMA Centre and engaging with the professors, teaching assistants, and various other PhD students has also encouraged me to consider pursuing a PhD in the near future. PhD is an intensive programme and a big investment in terms of time therefore, one must be extremely passionate about the subject he/she has chosen.  I believe the experience I will gain while working as a researcher will allow me to find a niche topic of my interest which I can then choose for the research proposal.

Overall my investment of studying at the ICMA Centre has paid off. I am excited to start my new role as a Senior Research Analyst at Drewry Maritime Services Private Limited (DMS) in their Delhi Office.


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