Top 10 things to do at Christmas

So classes are all finished, and you have a few weeks to kick back and relax in the festive spirit. Well, look no further as we have brought to you a list of the top 10 festive things to do in Reading and beyond!

1. Reading: Oracle Christmas Parades

On every Saturday in December, the Oracle shopping centre is running magical Christmas parades between 5-7pm at Riverside. The parades are said to include magical LED light shows, swans, ice lions and aerial acrobatics! 

2. Reading: Living Advent Calendar

On every single day in December, Readings first ever living advent calendar is hosting an array of FREE events across the town, including carol singers, games, and special shopping events.

3. Reading: Aladdin at the Hexagon

This year as their annual pantomime, the Hexagon present Aladdin, showing between the 8th December to 6th January. You have plenty of time to sample the British Christmas tradition of Pantomime! 

4. Reading: The Comedy Loft

Reading’s very own comedy stage which resides in Popworld on Friar Street, is hosting a number of Christmas themed comedy events for anyone who wants to go and experience some local live comedy. 

5. London: Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is perhaps the most famous Christmas attraction in London. Located in Hyde Park, Winter Wonderland is an array of Bavarian styled stalls selling trinkets, presents, jewellery, food and drink alongside a vast number of funfair rides. The lights and the atmosphere will definitely fill you with the Christmas spirit!

6. London: Tower of London Ice Rink

If you want to travel into London for something a little bit more practical, then consider booking a trip to the Tower of London Ice Rink, a large Ice Skating rink located in the grounds of the historic Tower of London, right on the River Thames. Booking online before is recommended, available for all abilities, first-timers and professionals!

7. London: Oxford Street Christmas lights and shopping

Oxford Street is one of the most popular streets for shopping in the whole of England. The main road and its neighbouring streets and shops are beautifully decorated in Christmas lights every year, making it the perfect place for some Christmas shopping. Just a tip, it’s probably advisable to go midweek rather than the weekend to try and avoid the big crowds!

8. Oxford: Oxford Christmas Markets

A short train ride will take you from Reading station to the historic town of Oxford, where the beautiful architecture is magical enough in themselves. However, in December the streets are also filled with Christmas market stalls, the sound of choirs singing, the perfect place for some quaint Christmas shopping.

9: Windsor: LEGOLAND at Christmas

The child-friendly favourite for all ages, LEGOLAND opens their festively decorated theme park over various days in December, full of exciting rides and opportunities to meet their Father Christmas and wander the park. 

10. Windsor: Christmas at Windsor Castle

The historical Windsor Castle opens its grounds up to the public over the Christmas to explore the park surrounding the Castle and to witness the large decorated Christmas tree within the castle. With a number of additional events such as choir recitals, pantomimes and gift sales!

We hope that some of these events catch your eye and that you have a wonderful Merry Christmas from everyone at the ICMA Centre!

See you in 2019!

By Brittany Rutt (BA Film and Theatre), member of the ICMA Centre Student Engagement Team.






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