From Fresher to FCA

Set to graduate this summer, we caught up with Georgia Nicklin as she reflects on her time at the ICMA Centre before she embarks on her career in finance.

Read the interview below to find out how she has changed since her return from Venice, and her favourite memories from her time at the ICMA Centre.


What did you enjoy the most about being a student at the ICMA Centre?

My favourite part about being a student at the ICMA Centre was the professional and inclusive environment. From day one, lecturers and fellow students have supported me with knowledge I’d never even dreamed I’d be capable of understanding! The ICMA Centre has been the perfect place to prepare me for working in the competitive Finance Industry, with modules that are very much in-line with content I will be covering in my future career.

What’s so brilliant is the amazing facilities I’ve been able to access (such as Thomas Reuters and Bloomberg) and having the privilege of being taught by lecturers who have had first-hand industry experience. Furthermore, the opportunity to network with companies and guest speakers, along with the support from Graham and Dan in the careers team, really has been remarkable, and something I shall always be grateful for.  


Has your time in Venice affected your studies and/or career aspirations?

Studying and living in Venice has, quite possibly, been the making of me – and one of the best experiences of my life! Whilst I was homesick and quite shy at first, the experience pushed me out of my comfort zone when adjusting to a brand new culture and encouraged me to make new friends of different nationalities.

I feel so much more confident and independent as a person and employers have definitely recognised this; in interviews I have always been asked about my international experience and learning the Italian language. The Italian culture is very different to the British, including the nature of the university too, therefore it has allowed me to become more relaxed as a person and adaptable in new situations – which I believe will definitely help me in my career. 


How has the ICMA Centre helped prepare you for life after graduation? 

The ICMA Centre has definitely helped me prepare for life after graduation – in particular thanks to its professional nature and high quality of teaching/preparation. A good example was the Portfolio Management module, which exposed me to what it’s like to be a fund manager. Having a ‘fund meeting’ with our markers for the module, wearing suits and using the correct jargon and tone, has given a real insight to what it’s like to work in the real world.

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, the careers team have, without a doubt, been the reason I secured my job at the FCA! Constantly offering advice on applications and giving tips on different types of interviews has been exceptional.  

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