My Year in Venice, Part 6: The Best Bits!

By Georgia Nicklin, BSc Finance and Management with the University of Venice at the ICMA Centre, Henley Business School.

The best part of my experience was the fact that I was waking up in the centre of a beautiful city everyday. It was amazing that I could just go on a walk with amazing surroundings whenever I felt like it. Being a ‘local’, I learnt the best routes to avoid the tourists and found places I will never forget. I loved immersing myself into a new culture and discovering a different part of Venice everyday.

The view from the Zattere

My favourite past time was sitting in the University café (located next to the main Ca’ Foscari University Building) around the corner from my house, drinking a €1 espresso and eating a croissant. I think I did this at least 5 times a week and introduced this habit to all of my friends too!

Academia Bridge

Other than San Tomà, my favourite locations in Venice were Zattere and Castello. In Zattere, I loved walking along the lagoon and round to the Church, Santa Maria della Salute, and then to the Academia Bridge. Conveniently, one of the University libraries was based in Zattere so I would always do this lovely walk on my lunch break. Castello is where the locals live and I just loved how quiet it was compared to the rest of Venice. From St. Mark’s Square, I loved walking to Giardini and having a picnic with friends.

The Santa Maria della Salute church in Venice