Waiting for the muse to call

It’s been a month since I last blogged.  It’s not because I don’t care, it’s because I wasn’t getting any inspiration about what to write.  In the end, it’s this lack of inspiration that has become the spur, although not directly.

Yesterday I ran a small workshop covering the types of questions that can be expected in an interview for Corporate Finance roles.  One of the earlier slides in the session discussed what the interviewer would be looking for in the applicant – and that list included ‘motivation’.  Motivation, in this context, is usually taken to mean the motivation for doing the job, but as I talked as also started to think about another context; how a company culture sees the motivation of it’s staff, and the need to have a fit between what motivates the individual & how the Company operates.

There are loads of motivational techniques that Companies can employ – targets, bonuses, praise, self-determination, increased responsibility, close supervision and so on, and the mix of these carrots & sticks is a key indicator of Company culture.  One of my colleagues is the happiest, most fulfilled I’ve ever seen him because he has a confluence of tight deadlines, high expectations on his outputs, interesting tasks, and clear consequences if he fails to deliver.  Other individuals would get de-motivated by this mix, but it’s perfect for him.

It’s really difficult for an applicant to understand the culture of the company they are applying to – so maybe this is the best way in – how will you be motivated, and will it work for you.

I might get the muse again next week – but just in case I don’t – have a wonderful festive period & may 2013 bring all you want and more.

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