Here we go again

Education leads to a natural cycle – the UK academic year begins in the Autumn, and ends in the Summer – and this in turn leads to a recruitment cycle for those firms looking to cherry-pick the very best students for their training programmes.

Each sector approaches this slightly differently, and in City Finance the approach is for application closing dates in the early Autumn – mainly during October.

That means, if you are looking to secure a place on a City Finance training programme – sometimes called Graduate or Analyst Programmes – and you will be graduating from your first or Masters degree in summer 2013, then you need to be deciding who to apply to now, and then applying during September.

1st & 2nd year Bachelors students can’t relax either – Internships that run at the end of the 2nd year will also have closing dates before Christmas, and Insight events for 1st years will be closing their applications not long after that.

Martyn & I are waiting at our desks to help, so feel free to get in touch.

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