They couldn’t even organise a good time in a brewery

One of my friends was lamenting his teenage daughter’s organisational skills the other day.  More accurately, he was moaning that daughter & friends have lots of grand plans that have dates attached.  Family diaries are reorganised to fit these plans, but a couple of days before every event it all gets cancelled.

Now, said daughter and her friends, are, by all accounts, clever – all expected to get A*’s in their GCSE’s this summer, so it’s not a lack of education that’s the issue.  They have lots of ideas, so there’s plenty of creativity.  What’s lacking is the ability to take an idea and make it happen.

This got me thinking to my own circles of friends over the years – back at School none of my mates were doers.  At Uni only one of them was.  Now & Mrs P is just about the only one who ever makes ideas happen.

It really is a scarce skill, and I think that’s partly why there aren’t enough entrepreneurs out there, and its also partly why so many graduate recruiters fail to fill their recruitment requirements.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd then make something happen.  It doesn’t matter much if it fails, as long as you learn from it & make something else happen.  The world is full of educated and creative people – what we need are more doers!

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