Think beyond the obvious

Wow the financial news isn’t looking good is it? – Dexia, Greece, recession, it just goes on.  And two things that always happens in the Finance sector when things turn bad are mass redundancies and recruitment freezes, so it’s a good idea for budding finance professionals to look broader than the usual banks and investment managers.

Would be traders would be well advised to research commodities companies – the likes of  BG Group and ConocoPhillips are advertising for traders to join their in-house teams.  Risk Managers are in demand in these companies too.

Thinking of Corporate Finance and M&A?  Try the Professional Services firms such as KPMG & PwC who operate corporate finance consultancies, or conglomerates and IT firms, such as GE, Siemens, Apple, and Google, who have lots of cash and are always looking to acquire new firms.

Quantitative Analysis is your thing? – look at specialist firms such as QRM or SunGard.

Research? – how about information providers like Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters?

The list above is just a starter to get you going – look a little wider and you might be surprised at what you find.

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