You can’t please everyone all of the time

One major career skill that is often missed is the ability to take feedback.  Management & Graduate Training schemes often have modules based around giving feedback, but taking feedback well is just as important, and probably even more so at the beginning of a career (because that’s when people are more likely to give us feedback, unless you’re a politician; Vince Cable seems to be getting plenty of feedback at the moment!).

Firstly you have to look like you are receiving it well – this always held me back – my face apparently takes a form that precisely mixes scorn and resentment, even when someone is giving me nice feedback.

Secondly you have to critically analyse the feedback – does it mean that you have to change the way something is done, change the way it’s communicated (i.e. seen to be done), or ignore it because the feedback is wrongheaded.  I’ve been critically analysing some feedback over the last few days, and have decided that all three categories have been covered.

Thirdly, once any changes have been implemented, you need to get on with your job and not dwell on the feedback – and hopefully the cathartic process of writing this blog will help me do just that!

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